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Conduit Space Recover is a no-dig solution designed to safely remove rigid inner duct from around active fiber cables with little to no load on the cable and no interruption of service.


  • Recover space by removing rigid inner duct as cable is operating
  • Active cables protected in a split metal tube (cables see little to no load)
  • Extract inner duct that consumes most of the conduit space
  • Incumbent cables settle to the bottom of conduit
  • MaxCell is placed as rigid inner duct is extracted
  • Split and chip the rigid inner duct for easy recycling and disposal
  • Install new cables when needed

The Conduit Space Recovery Unit uses a split metal sleeve to protect the active cable while the inner duct is extracted. Rigid inner duct is then drawn into the machine using opposing drive wheels that force the inner duct through four cutting blades, slicing the inner duct into quarters. The sliced inner duct is then fed into a chipping machine and compressed into disposal bags.

Finished Work

Our Projects

Longest Extraction

Longest Extraction

We extracted 2667 feet of continuous inner duct between MHs in Southern California, our longest extraction to date!

Underwater Extraction

Underwater Extraction

The longest underwater conduit recovery project that we have done is 2400 feet in Palm Beach FL.

Two rigid inner ducts were extracted from operating FO cable in a bored in 4” conduit and MaxCell fabric inner duct was placed in the recovered space. The job was completed in 1 day of work!

Military Base

Military Base

We have previously worked on United States military bases saving the US Government time and money.

Times Square

Times Square

We have completed jobs in a timely manner in the busiest downtown areas where we can maximize savings for our customers.  For example, we have recovered space in many conduits in downtown New York City such as this job in Times Square.

Most Money Saved

Most Money Saved

The largest one job savings for a customer occurred in downtown Chicago under Interstate 295 where there was a 50-foot drop from the 1st MH and a 50-foot rise to the 2nd MH.

The quoted price to Bore was $1,000,000, our price $28,000.

Railroad Crossing

Railroad Crossing

Getting permits to install new conduits under railroad tracks is difficult if not impossible, but with our process these permits are not necessary!

We completed a job in the Atlanta area going under 5 Railroad Tracks creating 3 new FO cable pathways where none existed the day before.

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Our Benefits

Network. Budget. Construction.

  • Recover up to 90% of conduit space
  • Add up to 9 new cables
  • No disruption of service
  • Safer than trenching or boring
  • Service Customer needs faster
  • Save significant costs
  • A NO DIG Solution
  • NO engineering costs
  • NO new trenches or conduit
  • NO trenching permits required or EPA oversight
  • Remove inner duct in a fraction of time of trenching or boring
  • Compact machine for tight vault spaces
  • Less than 50 lbs. of tension on cables
  • Install MaxCell during same service
  • Easy disposal & recycling of rigid inner duct
  • Homeowners and businesses are not inconvenienced


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Our Personalized Solutions

Extraction From PVC Outer Duct

Extraction From PVC Outer Duct - Before
Extraction From PVC Outer Duct - After

Extraction From Clay Tile Outer Duct

Extraction From Clay Tile Outer Duct - Before
Extraction From Clay Tile Outer Duct - After

We perform conduit space recovery on both Clay Tile and PVC Outer Ducts and can place a MaxCell / Textile inner duct or Micro Duct. We also will work with customers to handle any special situations that may arise.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Customer Testimonial

Wow. Thank your team for allowing me to be a part of a perfect day. I witnessed the flawless execution of team work today. Enormous level of efficiency with minimal verbal communication. Everyone knew what they had to do as an individual to make the team successful. Although I do realize this is not a new service, I HAD reservations that it could be an effective cost saving option for completing our projects, of course until today.

XXXX called me repeatedly trying to get me to explore Conduit Space Recovery and I finally told him if you can pull in micro duct I would give it a try. He told me that hasn't been done but HE WAS CONFIDENT the team could make it happen. Less than a month later, 5/9/2017, not only did I witness today, but I saw how quickly your team could come together and make a thought a reality.

Started at about 9:10AM and 5 set ups and 1,241 feet later completed at 1:45PM. And most importantly 100% of what was hooked on came out!!!

And as an extra, a once placed Micro duct moved freely by hand which allows the option of using it to place a larger Fiber cable if needed.


Conduit Space Recovery customer

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